Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Recovery is Never a Straight Line

One of the things about cfs (chronic fatigue syndrome) is that you've just got to be patient - I've just got to be patient!  Last week I said I was definitely on the mend and no sooner had I written it that the very next day I had a big dip.  However, that's the way it goes and I didn't let it get me despondent - recovery is never a straight line.

This is the theme for the journaling on the page which actually goes all around the edges but I cut it off in the photo!  I was inspired by Clare Lloyd at the PaperArtsy blog where she did a journal page starting with a backround where she picked up three colours of paint at the same time on a big paintbrush.  Clare painted stripes but I was having so much fun that I did a sort of check using the PaperArtsy Freso Finish chalk acrylic paints which I love, the ones I used are translucent (some of their colours are opaque).  I like the way Clare stamped leaves all around as a border so I thought I'd stamp all around with flowers (a £1 clear stamp).  Then I stencilled Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's stencil Mini Indian Leaves in the middle because the pattern is an up and down one - like recovery :)

You can sort of see the painted check effect here.  I  swooshed a couple of colours on cardstock and stamped and cut out the flower heads and these became the points on my trend chart.  The white lines are white raffia.

As my chart shows, the trend is UP!  Praise God.  It is always Jesus who gets me through these times - Christ Furnishes Strength!  A psalm I've found very helpful recently is this one:

O my Strength, I will sing praises to thee;
    for thou, O God, art my fortress.
 My God in his steadfast love will meet me;
    my God will let me look in triumph on my enemies.
Ps 59: 9-10 

I love calling the Lord my Strength!  That is what He is at these times and always.  

If you are struggling with your health or any other difficulty at this time know that the Lord He is God and your Strength and He will help you overcome in your situation.

Blessings and grace to you.


  1. Susan, I LOVE everything about this page! I love the Spirit that it came from and the expression of what God is doing in you as you go through! I love it my friend, just wonderful! The color is fabulous, but I really like the flowers and the progression upward, which really does show a sign of strength and hope! I really like how you tood CFS and said Christ Furnishes Strength! Wonderful, wonderful!! I would love to use this as an example in my Children's ministry class if you don't mind! My "pre-teens" need to hear this! His grace is sooooo sufficient Susan and I can see that you are drawing from that! I send prayers for your continued strength! God is always "taking" us somewhere....so I know He is with you! Blessings my sweet friend! ")

  2. Susan, I loved the way you put the flowers at peaks!

  3. I love this, Susan! Feel better soon!

    Lucy x

  4. Love your journal page. Thanks for joining us at PaperArtsy. X

  5. This is so neat! Love everything about it....
    Love how your flower peaks at the top!
    You are in my prayers Susan.
    God is good!

  6. Your page is beautiful!!!! And your words so true!!! Keep holding on to the strength and I will continue to pray for you!!!

  7. Your journal entries are always so thoughtful and meaningful, Susan! A lovely page!

  8. The chart in flowers is a great idea, lovely page.

  9. This page is so true. I can really relate. I love how you tie everything together with the message your page is bringing. Thanks for sharing the Psalm. It's just what I needed tonight. I pray that this willl be a better week for your health. Hugs!!!

  10. The colours you have used on your page are gorgeous, such a beautiful background. Thanks for sharing the scripture, your posts are always a blessing!