Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Spring Follows Winter

Its ages since I last posted and ages since I did anything creative :(  I've had a flare up of chronic fatigue which hit me out of the blue and it sapped all energy and, almost worse, all creativity!!!  How can that be?  Always in the past when I've been in the middle of a chronic fatigue bout I've managed to keep creating - its what's kept me sane and going through it, knowing I would get through it.  So this time round I've been quite discouraged to find that all inspiration has gone. The times that I tried it ended up in the bin!!!!

I usually pray a lot too and derive enormous comfort and hope from knowing that God is with me, giving me grace and strength.  But this time, I've found that hard too!  Brain fog (a sympton of CFS) has been especially bad this time and its been hard to pray.  The wonderful thing, however, is that our God is faithful and gracious and He has been there every time I have turned to Him and prayed.  I may not have had the energy and strength to pray as much as normal but when I have drawn close to Him He has been there faithfully waiting to give me that comfort and hope and grace which I've needed.  I've felt the sweet touch of His Holy Spirit and the knowledge of His love for me.  And what amazing blessing that is!

So I've kept going knowing that just as Spring follows Winter, strength will follow fatigue and now I am getting better and stronger again.  Here is a journal page which is the only thing I have managed to do in the last month:

I used a page in my journal which already had the backround colour - leftover paint from one of my autumn colour projects.  I couldn't get enough of these colours back then and I still love them now!  I added stencils using sprays and sponged paint:

 Plus some stamping.  The script is a favourite from IndigoBlu and the grid is a fly swat which I saw in a shop for 50p and thought I could use as a stencil!!  Its actually better as a stamp:

Then I stamped flowers from a new PaperArtsy Kay Carley set:

I stamped in black:

  and highlighted in white:

I did this a couple of weeks ago.  It was fun to do and I think I can feel inspiration stirring.......

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