Friday, 30 May 2014

New Art Journal

I posted over a month ago about completing my very first art journal (see it here). 
Since then the only art journaling I've done has been in the journal I'm doing on JOY.

Its taken me until this week to start my new art journal.  I think I was suffering from Shiny White Page in Brand New Art Journal Paralysis, a strange condition where every time  I eagerly picked up my new journal I was seized by ..... hesitation, lack of inspiration, uncertainty, even fear of messing up the first page!!!!!!  This was so weird because I'd been really looking forward to starting my new journal and Shiny White Page in Brand New Art Journal Paralysis is the last thing I expected.

Anyway,  all this got me thinking... and to see if it got me going I scribbled down a few thoughts about what I wanted to do in my new journal.  Those thoughts finally turned into the first pages in my journal:

What a relief to get started! I did a simple backround, sponged yellow with distress inkpads and stencilled and stamped.  I doodled the title:

I wrote the journaling out on paper, tore it out, sponged colour and stamped.  Then I had fun with ink splats and splatters:

Now of course I'm wondering how on earth I ever succumbed to  Shiny White Page in Brand New Art Journal Paralysis.  Have you ever suffered from this and if you did what did you do about it?  I'm wondering if one way to prevent it is to start lots of different journals all at once :)

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Friday, 23 May 2014

Joy Can Be Snatched Away

At Art Journal Every Day Julie Fei-Fan Balzer set the challenge of creating pages using only 10 supplies.  I love a challenge like this and here is the result, a page in my Joy journal (joy being my one word for 2014):

I used gesso, black acrylic paint, Derwent Inktense Blocks and paintbrush, black and white pens, a paper edger and scrap paper, total 8, or 9 if you count the art journal.  But do I really have to count the scrap paper as a supply?! :) 

I had to paint direct from the blocks onto the black.  It just didn't work by putting the colour on the black and then activating with water.  I painted on the shapes and then doodled, journaled on to scrap paper and cut out with paper edgers.  Super simple but really fun to do.

 The joy we get from Jesus does last forever but it can be snatched away by the these things and plenty of others too.  For example, comparison.  When we compare ourselves to others, eg I wish I could do art like Julie :)  and so many of the really talented people out there, then I can easily get dissatisfied and disgruntled.  We can take joy in others' talents without bemoaning that we don't have that same talent.  We are all different and can take joy in our individuality and our own creativity.

May you find joy in your life, the joy that comes from Jesus and lasts forever.

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Thursday, 22 May 2014

My Rock

I love to think of Jesus as the Rock - my solid Rock.  A rock speaks to me of strength, unshakeableness, permanence.  I picture a mighty rock in the ocean being battered by huge waves but standing strong and unshakeable.  So when I think of Jesus as my Rock this is how I think of Him.  He is my refuge, strong, unshakeable, holding me in the midst of any trouble or storm I may be in.  He is faithful and loves us and wants nothing more than for us to put all our hope and trust in Him.    Thinking of Jesus like this just makes me want to praise Him. 

So I loved this week's scripture wordart at  Word Art Wednesday and the lovely accompanying post.
Here is my card using the wordart:

and the scripture close up.  

The backround was embossed with the Cuttlebug swirly embossing folder in white card and sponged with blue. Embossed backrounds give such a wonderful effect.

I hope you too find Jesus to be your Rock.

Friday, 16 May 2014

No Joy without Love

It feels like ages since I last posted - all of three weeks!  We've just come back from a really lovely holiday flyfishing for trout in the Scottish Highlands.  We stay in a remote cottage with only the river and deer and hares and birds for company, the only sound from the river and a real symphony of birdsong - truly wonderful.

Of course it wasn't all flyfishing.  I took the art journal I'm doing on joy and a small box of supplies - Derwent Inktense bars, black and white acrylic, a couple of inkpads and a few stencils and stamps. 

The chronic fatigue had flared up badly before the hols so I wasn't up to that much fishing at the beginning of the holiday.  Yes, this meant there was more time for art journaling.  There's always good to be found in bad situations!

Here's my page for today:

Its impossible to have joy without love.  If you love, you're going to have joy.

Jesus said: "These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be full.Jn 15:11.   Jesus made this statement in the middle of talking about love: "As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you; abide in my love." v 9 and  "This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you." v 12

So we need love to have joy.

I think being beside the river influenced this page so it came out all flowy in springlike colours.


Highland air is definitely very therapeutic because I felt so much better after a few days of resting up together with some gentle walking and fishing.  I really do fish, here's a picture of me in all the gear, ok its not a fashion parade :)

The river Deveron and the scenery:

Dominic fishing:

 Dominic very happy with a good trout, full of joy!!!

 And of course we just had to do a selfie:

It was a great hols and a good time to be doing my journal on joy!

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