Friday, 30 May 2014

New Art Journal

I posted over a month ago about completing my very first art journal (see it here). 
Since then the only art journaling I've done has been in the journal I'm doing on JOY.

Its taken me until this week to start my new art journal.  I think I was suffering from Shiny White Page in Brand New Art Journal Paralysis, a strange condition where every time  I eagerly picked up my new journal I was seized by ..... hesitation, lack of inspiration, uncertainty, even fear of messing up the first page!!!!!!  This was so weird because I'd been really looking forward to starting my new journal and Shiny White Page in Brand New Art Journal Paralysis is the last thing I expected.

Anyway,  all this got me thinking... and to see if it got me going I scribbled down a few thoughts about what I wanted to do in my new journal.  Those thoughts finally turned into the first pages in my journal:

What a relief to get started! I did a simple backround, sponged yellow with distress inkpads and stencilled and stamped.  I doodled the title:

I wrote the journaling out on paper, tore it out, sponged colour and stamped.  Then I had fun with ink splats and splatters:

Now of course I'm wondering how on earth I ever succumbed to  Shiny White Page in Brand New Art Journal Paralysis.  Have you ever suffered from this and if you did what did you do about it?  I'm wondering if one way to prevent it is to start lots of different journals all at once :)

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  1. Wonderful stuff. Hard to imagine being scared, I know how you feel but I still get phased from time to time after all these years! Bless you x

  2. I don't tend to suffer from that, but then I'm quite happy to just throw some paint on to the page or stencil something to get started, even if it gets covered up in the end. One way to get around it is to start in the middle of the journal rather on the first page. Somehow the first page feels as if it sets the tone for the rest and if you 'mess it up' it can colour the rest of the journal.

  3. Oh, but wow!! Seems you have it off to an amazing start! I do have a couple of journals going...but, it does somehow get you....that shiny new journal...I just start scribbling with pencil and crayons or whatever sits on my desk at the time, to mess it up :)

  4. Love your first page Susan ! The doodling is fabulous! I can imagine you had a lot of fun with the splattering!

  5. Your work here is such fun. I love how you got over your block and BAM! Got some great "growth" going on. Art Journaling is like that, too, once you start the layers just ask to be put down and smooshed around and yes, the splatters are the perfect touch.

    So glad you posted in Creative Every Day so that I could come have a look!

  6. These are gorgeous pages. I suffer terribly from new art journal paralysis--so much so that I have barely begun! I found you at the Create with Joy linkup. You have a very creative blog, and I'll be back.