Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Circle Journal - Claudia's journal on 'Look'

I've had lots of fun with my spread in Claudia's journal - the theme was 'Look'.  I knew straightaway what my words were going to be - 'Look and take time to See'.  We might look at things but sometimes we need to focus to really see and that can take time.  Taking time to stop and be still has been something very much on my heart recently.  In particular, I know that I need to take time to be still with God, to look at Him and spend proper quality time with Him.  Its only then that I will be able to hear from Him, receive from Him and really SEE that He is our wonderful creator God :)

At PaperArtsy the challenge at the moment is stencils so I wanted to use stencils and to try stamping into texture paste, which Leandra showed in a video.  Here is the finished journal page:

I started with the texture paste and a hexagon stencil - Leandra says this technique works best with stencils which have a bigger pattern.  I stamped into the hexagons, leaving some blank:

I added paint, working the paint into all the cavities:

Here's a close up of how it's looking so far:

I sanded over the top with a cheap nail file to reveal the creamy colour of the texture paste.  I love the effect:

Now my base was ready for me to have fun with more stencils and stamps.  I added a polka dot stencil and stamped a script all over plus a little grid which came with the PaperArtsy Jofy 12 set:

 I stamped clock faces with different times and also a bottle top and spattered a little white all over.  I stamped flowers from the Jofy 12 set and added colour to them:

I love the Jofy lowers:

I wanted to make it busy so added the stamped birds and also stencilled some along the top.  Lastly I added the words with quirky eyes for a fun feel to the page:

There's so much in our world that is beautiful, so next time we are looking lets stop and take time to SEE :)

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Monday, 29 June 2015

Glory Art no 11 - Share

For this Glory Art Scripture Challenge Patter was encouraging us to think about the things that we share.  There's so much scope nowadays with social media to share just about anything.  As Christians we need to consider whether the things we share bring glory to God and indeed whether we are sharing Him as well.  Everything that we do, from the books we read, the way we talk, how we react to things, should show that we are followers of Jesus and enable us to share Him.  Patter put it in this rather lovely way.  She said,  'He is what makes me who I am. I cannot separate myself from Him. I am here to glorify Him.'  I call that walking with Jesus day by day, moment by moment.  And when we do that His life is going to flow out from us and we will be able to share Him so that others will want to know Him too and imitate our faith.

I made some more scripture cards.  I have a good number now and they are going to look great all together in a devotional book:

I used a stencil brush to add the paint:

Then I stamped a friend definition stamp roughly all over each card:

I added the white circles which is a lovely Junkitz foam stamp which I won years ago and I love the effect of foam stamps used with acrylic paint:

Lastly I stamped the flowers.  These are stamps which I've had for years and years and not used very much.  Can't think why not, I really like how they've come out, they're fun:

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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Be Still

Stillness - what does that word evoke in you?  To me it speaks of peace and quietness and is not necessarily an absence of noise.  In today's frenetic age its something many of us struggle to do but its essential for our well-being.  Stillness won't be hurried.  Sometimes its difficult to find the time to stop and be still but its so important we should make it a priority.  In the bible God tells us to

'Be Still and know that I am God' 
Ps 46: 10  
There's no way that we can get to know God unless we take the time to stop and be still before Him.  If we are all in turmoil inside we are not going to be able to focus on anything.  We will not be able to see Him or hear Him or receive any guidance from Him.  When God tells us to be still He is telling us to cut the turmoil, focus on Him.  In that stillness we will see and know that He is God and that in turn will help us put things in perspective.  In stillness we gain peace and strength.

Here are a couple of journal pages, both in purple, purple and yellow which are the colours for this week's challenge at Summer of Colour.

The backround was done with a scoochy sponge which gave a really cool stippled effect.

I stamped a script then I added texture paste through a stencil and with the stencil still in place and the paste wet I added the colour.  I was inspired to use a stencil brush rather than a sponge by Leandra at PaperArtsy where the current challenge is on stencils:

I only had one purple so mixed up my second purple but I splodged way too much out:

Inevitably I had loads of paint left over so I decided to scrape it on another page.  This is what came out.  I scraped it on thickly making extra scrapes to get the white marks.  I think it looks like the opposite of stillness!

I quite like the effect but am not sure what else I'm going to do with this page:

This page is facing the 'Be Still' page in my art journal so I think I might keep it like this and call it 'Turmoil'  :)

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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Summer of Colour week 2 -- Pink Pink Orange

These week's colours for The Summer of Colour challenge were 1 pink, 1 pink and 1 orange.  You can make anything you like using any shades of those colours and I decided to make a masterboard.  I chose these:

I brayered the different colours randomly all over the card, then added the stamping in the lighter pink:

And this is what I made from my masterboard:

The cards were for the Glory Art Scripture Challenge where the topic this time was 'Still'.  It's so important in today's frenetic pace of life to take the time to stop and be still with God.  When we stop to simply BE with God we can hear His voice.  We may need to come to Him for guidance, to let go of our worries as we give them to Him, to regain our peace.  And we need to come to Him and be still simply so that we can know again how much He loves us and love Him back in return.

Here are the scripture cards which I am going to make into a devotional book:

I kept them very simple because I really like the backround:

And here are some more bookmarks.  I love making bookmarks but I've been making lots recently in preparation for a craft group which I help run.  We focus on a different topic or technique each time and perhaps do a demo or take examples and next session on 26th June is on, yes you've guessed it, bookmarks! 

They make lovely presents:

I was going to keep them plain this time with no words but I needed to cover up a blotch so added the 'joy'!

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Friday, 12 June 2015

Bible Bookmarks

I love making bookmarks.  Its a fun way to create something useful and they make really great simple gifts.  Sometimes I make plain ones but I wanted to make bible bookmarks this time so I added a bible verse to each one.  I chose verses to do with reading God's word, gaining understanding and pleasure from reading, all very apt for bible bookmarks!  I love the verse that says:

How sweet are thy words to my taste,
sweeter than honey to my mouth!
Ps119: 103

There's such richness in the bible, its full of God's wisdom, direction and His love.  It brings me comfort, hope and shows me a better way to live and it helps me to get to know Him better. 

The Summer of Colour challenge has just begun and I thought I'd take part for the first time.  Each week for the next six weeks we have to create something using the three colours given.  It can be anything at all.  This week the colours were 2 different shades of blue and a green.

Here are my bookmarks which I made using distress inks and stamps:

  This one was made with Tumbled Glass, Shabby Shutters and Peeled paint:

The ink was applied direct from the pad all over then sprayed with water.  I stamped the leaves using both the greens.

This one has Tumbled Glass, Faded Jeans and Mowed Grass:

I sponged the colours then flicked water before stamping:

The last one also has Tumbled Glass, Mowed Grass and Shabby Shutters:

This one is sponged, then sprayed and flicked with water.  Then I stamped the flowers all over plus another one on different card which I coloured with the inks and cut out.

Sometimes I make these as gifts and then can't bear to part with them right away!  I have to keep them for a while before I can let them go.

Summer of Colour is going to fun!

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Unswerving Faithfulness

Hello all, it seems like ages since I last posted :)  I've been enjoying the sunshine ... hahaha,  this is England!  No, seriously, we have actually had a few sunny days and my garden and beloved roses have been calling.

My art journal page today was inspired by a wonderful devotional book called Streams in the Desert which is rich and full of treasure.  In my reading it said that God has an unswerving faithfulness to His trusting child.  I loved that.  It means that he never deviates an iota from being faithful to us.  We can go through difficult times and it might seem like He hasn't answered our prayers, but He is all-wise and all-loving and His plans are perfect.  Whatever we are going through is for a reason.  My book then went on to say that it is safe to trust in His methods and His clock.  God's clock keeps perfect timing!

Here is my art journal page.  The current  challenge at PaperArtsy is Hidden Objects and at Craft Stamper it is Texture so I've included hidden journaling and lots of texture. 

I went bold and warm or even hot for this page, scraped paint all over and then added the book paper and texture paste and played with stamps.  I added the scalloped hearts which I'd scrunched and swiped with paint and I love the effect.  The stems are raffia - more texture!

I wanted to include some hidden journaling so I hid it behind a scalloped circle which I'd painted and stamped in the same way.  Its mean to look a bit like a clock with the clock hands being the words to show God's clock but its a bit wonky and off centre!

I punched out a couple of circles in plain paper for my journaling and stapled them all together so I can pull the first circle forward to read it again:

I really had fun doing this page, fun with the art, but I also had a little glow around my heart knowing that my awesome God is unswervingly faithful to me :)

Are you going through a difficult time?  Take heart, God is unswervingly faithful to you too and He is working things out for the best.

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