Monday, 29 June 2015

Glory Art no 11 - Share

For this Glory Art Scripture Challenge Patter was encouraging us to think about the things that we share.  There's so much scope nowadays with social media to share just about anything.  As Christians we need to consider whether the things we share bring glory to God and indeed whether we are sharing Him as well.  Everything that we do, from the books we read, the way we talk, how we react to things, should show that we are followers of Jesus and enable us to share Him.  Patter put it in this rather lovely way.  She said,  'He is what makes me who I am. I cannot separate myself from Him. I am here to glorify Him.'  I call that walking with Jesus day by day, moment by moment.  And when we do that His life is going to flow out from us and we will be able to share Him so that others will want to know Him too and imitate our faith.

I made some more scripture cards.  I have a good number now and they are going to look great all together in a devotional book:

I used a stencil brush to add the paint:

Then I stamped a friend definition stamp roughly all over each card:

I added the white circles which is a lovely Junkitz foam stamp which I won years ago and I love the effect of foam stamps used with acrylic paint:

Lastly I stamped the flowers.  These are stamps which I've had for years and years and not used very much.  Can't think why not, I really like how they've come out, they're fun:

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  1. These are all beautiful Susan! Fantastic job on them.

  2. These look so nice. I like the background effect you have achieved.

  3. muy bonito!!, muy prolijo ,lleno de alegria y vida!!!