Friday, 17 January 2014

Joy - what it is and isn't

I'm loving My One Word for 2014 - JOY!  And I'm loving doing a whole art journal on it.  I planned to do a page a week on joy but I've already completed 4 and started a 5th! 

One of the first things I did was look up joy in a thesaurus - there were loads of words and expressions for joy and rejoicing so they all had to go on a page.  Then I remembered an old Every Day With Jesus 2 month daily devotional booklet on joy which I had.  One of the first days explained the difference between joy and pleasure and this became my next page.

Here's the Joy Words page:

The backround is acrylic.  I usually scrape it on but for this one I used a paint brush and also a little water.  Then I stamped, I love this Floral Swirl by IndigoBlu which was part of a magazine subscription gift.

I stamped circles in a Brilliance ink pad for some shimmer:

 And some more stamping in black, Fireworks this time by Banana Frog which I've had for years:

I doodled the title and I love how its come out:

Here is Joy is Not Pleasure:

This time I scraped acrylic then stenciled and stamped:

I wrote the title and highlighted in white:


Journaled how joy is not pleasure, pleasure can be stolen from us:

 The joy of the Lord cannot be taken from us.  I love the bit which says joy can rise to rapture, or sink to peace.  Isn't that true?  That was in the Every Day With Jesus booklet:

This is why I want to learn to have the joy of the Lord, because the joy of the Lord is constant and deep and does not depend on circumstances - please help me learn this, Lord!

I loved doing these two pages.  I hope you can read the joy words and expressions.  Which is your favourite?


  1. a beautiful page ~!~ LOVE the colors~!!


  2. Love the way you've used two stencils together on the second spread - or is it a stencil and a stamp? Anyway, using them both with the same colour gives a lovely effect. And it's good to be reminded that joy and pleasure/happiness are not the same thing.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Beautiful art and love the words of faith too.

  4. I like both pages. Hard to pick a favorite.

  5. I am happy to find a like-minded art journaler! Let our art point to Jesus!