Wednesday, 8 January 2014

JOY! My One Word for 2014

I'm doing My One Word for the first time this year and after much pondering I've chosen JOY.  I should say, I've been led to choose joy.  I've allowed myself to be thrown off course too much and get down and disheartened too much, especially when I haven't been well.  I want to be someone who knows and keeps the joy of the Lord in good times and bad times.  I want to have a joy that is not dependent on circumstances but only on knowing the Lord Jesus and abiding in and walking with Him.  This verse from Psalm 16 sums it up:

In His Presence is fulness of joy
Ps 16:11
I'm excited and looking forward to my journey into joy in 2014. I wanted to do a picture on JOY and did it on a canvas which I bought in the Works for £1.99 for a pack of 2!  I've never used canvas before and it was a completely different experience!  It was meant to be double gessoed but the colours really faded.  I thought initially I would do a really bright page but then found some old music book pages on songs about joy and rejoicing so had to use those which meant bright didn't really go.  Here's the result:
I sprayed cosmic shimmer mists. added the music pages and gessoed over it all.  Then I stencilled and stamped.  I embossed the birds with a home mix of different embossing powders.

Then I had fun adding punched flowers and bits and pieces:

I'm also going to do a journal purely on joy.  Here are the first two pages.  I did the backround for both pages with my Derwent Inktense Blocks which I love and this time I went bright! The first page is the title page so just a bit of simple stamping around the handrawn title.

The second page has some key scriptures and my reason for choosing joy.  I wanted to use my bird stamps - didn't realise I had so many! some of them were freebies with magazines but I rushed the page and its all come out a bit scrappy.  Never mind, at least I can say I've lost my perfectionist tendency with this page!

I stamped and doodled:
 And here are close ups of my birds - which is your favourite?


This one is my favourite:
 The owl is cute:
A bit of a wobble on this stamping:
Is that all of them?  No, last two!

I hope your year is a joy filled one too!


  1. Love these works of joy! Especially the colors on the first piece. Thanks for stopping by my blog today :)

  2. This is absolutely beautiful! Joy picture has wonderful colors and embellishments. The composition was also great. You truly conveyed the feeling of joy. The way you combine materials and images is awesome. Some of the images in your joy book are also great. I also posted a comment, again full of praise, for your November page. It seems as if you are channeling God's love in everything you do. I relate to your idea of feeling joy not based on circumstances, but knowing The Lord and walking and walking with him. That is a tall task! Whenever I do artwork, it is easier to feel close to God; a signal that I need to do more of it. I think you are one of the best art journalists I have ever seen. I look forward to seeing more of your work. :)

  3. November page was the design with the sun that had silvery rays and white handwriting! It's title was about "the light" :)

  4. Hi! Stopping by here from Julie FF Balzer's site.My life word has been Joy and one of my life verses is Neh. 8:10. This year my word is Peace, as we just came out of a traumatic year. Enjoyed your blog and journal page.
    A sister in Christ,

  5. Love, love, love your joy canvas. Its so delicate and light the birds looks like their really flying.

  6. Love both of your works. The first one is so feminine and very pretty and the second one is bold and bright.