Monday, 3 November 2014

Slaying Giants

My new devotional for the next couple of months is all about overcoming the giants in our lives and is based on David and Goliath.  David was a simple shepherd boy who overcame a ferocious giant of a man called Goliath with just a sling, five stones and faith in the Lord God.  We too can overcome the giants in our lives - meaning not big people!!  but things like fear, resentment, ill health, difficult situations.  We do it with the sling of faith, the stone of truth and the strength of the power of the name of Jesus.

This page is made up of torn gelli prints.  I watched a video by Carolyn Dube on using free stuff on a gelli plate (see it here) so I thought I'd have a go on my home made gelli plate.  I still haven't got the hang of gelli printing, so these were what I'd call gelli prints gone wrong! 

 I quite like them all torn up and collaged :)

At the moment trying to pull a decent gelli print feels like a giant!!!

Have you got any giants you want to overcome?

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  1. Susan, what????? Gone wrong??? No way! ALL RIGHT!! I love this page! All those awesome colors and texture!! I love how you did the lettering too!! This has also been down in my belly as well! It is going right along with some other things God is speaking to me as of late! You just added some encouragement to me today! Thank you so much for this! You will have to share about your homemade gelli plate, as I don't have a gelli plate yet (sacrilege right! LOL) Thank God we have an OVERCOMER in Christ! Blessings to you today, my sweet friend! :)

  2. Great post and page. I love the way you are slaying Giants.

  3. Sounds like just the Devotional I need right now! You just have to take the gelli plate as is - keep working it until you find it pleasing...I don't like all mine but I enjoy the play... hope you're feeling less tired now. Thanks for sharing this x

  4. One of these days I'll learn how to make gelli prints, too. Until that day, I surely enjoy looking at ones like yours.

    Right now I'm working on slaying the giant of chemo for my skin to prevent another melanoma from springing to life. I only have a few more days. I can do this!

  5. Wow, this is amazing Susan! I really like the gelli prints you made, and collaged on. Looks great....and I like the lettering you did.
    That devotional that you are doing sounds like it's really good.

  6. I love all your colour and texture! but if you would like some assistance, it looks like you could use less paint, perhaps. That's what makes them squishy

  7. Susan, the collage is perfect, and I don't know what really went or goes wrong with your gelli prints, but they look pretty; I think the real giant to overcome is your inner critic, come on they are gorgeous!

  8. Your prints look gorgeous ! The colours are fabulous , they look lovely in torn pieces too ! Like little stones. This is a fabulous subject for your new journal , looking forward to your next pages ! Hope you are feeling much better !