Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Drawing my first face

I've seen so many wonderful drawn and painted faces in art journals and longed to be able to do them myself but not even had the confidence to try.  Then I watched a video by Diane Wakely (sorry I can't find it anywhere any more, have spent ages looking) and gave it a go and I was pleased with my effort:  she did look like a girl!!!  Amazing!  However, I didn't have the confidence or courage to share my little effort because, hey, it wasn't good like everyone else's. 

Today I read a great post by Tracy - Why Compare?  She says as women and artists we often compare ourselves to others and its often unfavourable.  She said something that really spoke to me.  Tracy said there are people who say they can't draw when really what they mean is they don't like the way they draw as compared to someone else.  BUT we can all draw, we just need to learn to love our style and it can take years.

So that's made me be brave and decide to share my first ever face which I drew in my art journal on a green backround I had done.  I figured if its green and the results are awful, she can always be an alien!  Here she is:

So thank you, Tracy.  I'll go on drawing faces, because practice improves our art - note, I didn't say practice makes perfect!

God made us all different, with different abilities and gifts and we need to celebrate our uniqueness and rejoice in who we are and how we do our art!

I'm linking this at Art Every Day Month at Creative Every Day even though I did this a few weeks back.  The art I've done today isn't ready for sharing!


  1. Wow Susan that's a wonderful face, love the background too! By the way Susan who needs perfection? Or rather is perfection beauty as well?

  2. I'm so glad you posted this, Susan! I firmly believe that everyone can draw, we just need to practice. She looks wonderful - it's a great starting point to develop your skills.

  3. Oh Susan..this is wonderful! I think you did a fantastic glad that you posted this. I do that a lot too, compare my work to others...something I am working on trying to stop doing.

  4. So glad you felt encouraged to share this, Susan. She looks great! Looking forward to seeing more faces appearing in your pages :)

  5. You did a great job on your face, Susan. I really like the background too. I think it's harder to share things that make us feel vulnerable and i agree that a big part of that is because we compare ourselves to others. I hope to see more of your drawings in the future. Hugs!!!

  6. This is wonderful for a first face drawing ! The green background is lovely !