Friday, 28 March 2014

Expectant Waiting

What does it mean to pray in faith?  I think it means praying and believing that God hears and will answer - even though you may have to wait for it.  This is waiting expectantly.

Here is my page:

This is the first time I've included eyes on my page.  These are eyes I had drawn on a separate piece of paper.  Since I've never really been able to draw I have to say I'm quite pleased with them.  I must be getting more confident because I would never have dreamed of even trying before.

I had fun spreading the pink and blue acrylic paint with my fingers and then stenciling.

The white is stenciled through The Crafters Workshop mini tile texture.  I think it looks a bit like the The Matrix but in white :)

I journaled in black along the white mini tile texture and I like to think of my prayers being the black journaling going up to God, and the white tile texture being Gods answers raining down, or if not answers, then His grace to continue to wait patiently and expectantly.

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  1. Such a wonderful message. I believe prayer is like that too.
    Love that lovely textured background.

  2. I love those eyes looking up expectantly to receive whatever God is sending down :) Like you say, it isn't always an answer, but always peace, grace, mercy, and love. It is a gift to be able to wait expectantly.

  3. Great background. Those eyes are lots of fun.

  4. A lovely post Susan ! Your page is fabulous! I love all the different textures and colours and I think your eye drawings are wonderful.

  5. OOh, another Faith journaller - you've made my day! Thanks for visiting my blog - great to meet you. I need to go add you to my blog roll - God's good :-D