Monday, 24 March 2014

Crop of Joy

I thought I would share another page from my Joy journal.  In an earlier post I wrote about how joy does not exclude tears (see it here).  This page continues the theme.  If we set our hope and trust and faith in God in the middle of dark times He will bring us through.

Here is my page:

Here are the words close up:

I stencilled the flowers with my home made texture paste (pvc glue, white acrylic paint and talc):

Just love the texture:

 I added glitter to the 'soil', I was sowing the pain, disappointment, etc into the soil of God, after all!

Glitter goes everywhere!  I hadn't meant it to go on the flowers, but they do signify joy, so that was a happy accident:

I wish I could say that when I'm in a dark place I always manage to keep my cool and my faith and trust.  I don't always.  But I can look back at some bad times and see how I did lean on God and how He carried me through, and I did get a crop and a cup of joy :)

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  1. Beautiful post and pages. Lovely and inspiring. Thank you for sharing

  2. Your home made modeling paste works very well. Those are lovely sculpted flowers.

  3. Very nice page - thanks for sharing!