Sunday, 20 September 2015

Glory Art no 16 - Humility

This week at the Glory Art Scripture Challenge we looked at 'Humility'.  The bible exhorts us to be humble but what exactly is humility?  It isn't self-loathing, false modesty, putting oneself down.  Humility is the opposite of pride.  Bibilical humility is being like Jesus who was humble, gentle, patient and a servant to others although He was the Son of God Himself.  Pride insists on its own way, thinks its better than anyone else.  Humility yields and counts others better than itself.  Patter encouraged us to look at this file written by Nance Leigh DeMoss called 'Proud Spirits and Humble Hearts' and its a wonderful and very challenging exercise.

I made scripture cards as usual:

 I brayered a backround and then cut into four:

Then came stencilling and a text stamp:

When I added the last layer of stencilling in pink I didn't like the finished result!  So I covered it all in white and then I loved the soft muted effect of the backround:

It was perfect for the final stamping:

I need to start making these cards into a devotional book.  My original plan won't work now because there are too many.  I was going to mount them on black, punch two holes at the top for book rings and make a stand so each card could be flipped over but the book rings aren't big enough.  Any ideas, anyone?

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  1. Love the muted colours on these, Susan. I know well that feeling of 'I don't like it now'! I have often covered a page in gesso and liked it much better afterwards. As for turning your cards into a book, you could mount them on black as you first thought, but do the pages large enough to take all four cards on a subject to a page. Just a thought...

  2. These are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing them.Thanks for the humility reminder too.

  3. Your background artwork looks good.

  4. I love the way how you have created these wonderful cards and it makes me happy to read the quotes.