Friday, 29 May 2015

Needing Inspiration

Inspiration is such a funny thing.  At times we have inspiration all the time, ideas whirr around and you can't get them down quick enough.  At other times .... well, I don't think I'm the only person who has wondered where it has gone!

Here is a page where I was messing around in my art journal:

I started off with pink tissue paper which came some flowers I was given.  Then I covered it with layers of paint and stencils:

I added texture paste through a 49p stencil which I found at The Works and added the words and journalling.

I had a recent episode of Inspiration hiding itself.  I had to make some cards using dry embossing as examples for a monthly papercraft group which I help run.  I was simply not in the mood to make cards using dry embossing.  My inspiration was well and truly missing but I had to do them.  I made one and left it.  The next day I prayed and said, 'Lord, if you want me to go on doing Scrap and Yap [which is what the group is called] you are going to have to give me inspiration."  Guess what, I picked up an embossing folder and got inspired!  I made another two cards and really enjoyed doing them.  Thank you, Lord!  :)

Here is the first card I made:

This was when I got inspired.  I used a freebie embossing folder which came with a magazine.  I embossed in white card and rubbed an ink pad all over.

I didn't have much time left so the last one was really simple and quick to do.

Next time Inspiration decides to hide I know what I'll be doing!

What do you do when Inspiration goes missing?

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