Friday, 22 May 2015

Be Still and Wait

Sometimes we can't hurry things up, no matter what we do or try.  There may be certain situations that we want to change or some new thing we want to do but it's simply not the right time.  We have to wait.  This is what I feel God keeps saying to me at the moment, "Be still and wait!"  

To be still and wait is a tricky thing to do when we are champing at the bit to do something, or longing for an answer to a particular prayer.  But this is what I am learning to do at the moment.  God's timing is perfect and I trust Him to know when it is right and I trust Him to answer prayer in His own perfect way and perfect time.

Here is my journal page:

I had a lot of fun with different layers of paint, stencilling, texture paste and stamping and I made it really busy to represent hurry and turbulence.

I added punched squares for more texture and interest:

I dried some of the paint so it bubbled.  The grid which is stencilled in pink was done with fruit packaging!

I added a flap for the words:

so I could do some hidden journaling:

Have you noticed the windows which I punched out?

I've been meaning to do this for a while, to have cut out sections and other pages peeping through.  Here is the page beneath which I haven't added words to yet.  The colour has come out very light in the photo for some reason, it's much more like it appears in the window above:

I added the texture paste and then painted over for this one and let rip with splatters, love doing them but I always get them on me too!

I like to think that this purple page reflects waiting.  Its monochromatic so less fussy and not so much 'doing' or 'hurry'.   The white splatters are prayers and they look kind of joyful.  When we pray we come into God's presence and our faith is increased so we get joy :)   I like to think that the window on the busy hurry page looking through to the 'waiting' page gives a glimpse of what it is like when we manage to BE STILL and WAIT.

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  1. I absolutely love this!! Love the colors and textures and the brightness to it! Amazing....