Saturday, 23 May 2015

Glory Art no 8 - Intecessory Prayer

I'm a little behind on the Glory Art scripture challenge since I've been away on a fab holiday in Scotland.  I took a box of art supplies but did not open it!!!  Amazing, but we were too busy relaxing and fishing and walking and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

The theme for the Glory Art was intercessory prayer, a subject very close to my heart because I love to pray.  Patter said that intercession is defined as 'a prayer to God on behalf of another' and it's such an important thing to do.  When we are concerned or worried about someone we must lift them up in prayer.  Our God cares about everyone and every situation and He wants us to pray for them.  If you've visited here before you will probably have heard me say this lots of times - Our God hears our every prayer and answers every single one in His own perfect way and His own perfect time. 

Here are my scripture cards:

The backround colour was some leftover paint from another project which I scraped over the cards:

Then I added some stencilling and stamping:

and texture pasted leaves:

Finally I printed the words and cut out in my usual wonky way:

Are you worried about someone today?  Don't be, just lift up your worries to God.  He is faithful and hears and will answer.  Blessings and the peace of God to you.


  1. I love all of these! They are beautiful...the colors and texture shapes are great - and the scriptures you used.
    Glad that you had such a wonderful time in Scotland!

  2. Beautiful work and beautiful words, Susan!
    I'm finally catching up too! :o