Friday, 5 December 2014


I'm reading a great book on prayer at the moment.  Not another one, I hear you say!  I can't help it, I love to pray and I love to hear about or read people's stories about how they've prayed and how God has answered their prayers. 

One of the things about praying is the need for perseverance.  Of course, God can and does answer prayer in an instant, but often it takes a lot longer.  Its at times like these that we must not lose heart but continue to have faith and keep on praying.  We need to Pray Until Something Happens - something always does happen.  God always anwers, maybe not in the way we thought or hoped for but in the way that is best for us.

Here is an art journal page where I was just messing around with lots of layers and ended up with  .... a messy page!

I started off with acrylic paint blobbed and scraped all over, but I didn't like the result so covered it with white then added music paper and other bits of collage plus more white paint.  I still didn't like how it was going and had the dubious inspiration of sprinkling with blue and a little yellow Brusho then spraying with water to activate.  I used my fingers to sprinkle the Brusho and I wish I'd taken a photo of my hands - they were completely blue!!  Its taken ages to clean off - LOL.  Anyway then I started adding white texture paste through a doily stencil:

The page hadn't dried completely so the texture paste took on the colour of the brusho colour:

I added more layers of texture paste but each time where the brusho was the paste took on the colour even when the page felt completely dry.  I guess the paste is moist and draws up the colour:

We learn in our art journals.  I know now that if I want the texture paste to be white I mustn't use Brusho underneath!

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  1. I like the way the colour pushed through the texture paste - it works ALL the time if using watercolour underneath, and a technique my students love and use to great advantage. I've not heard of Brusho - is it similar?

  2. I love that rich textures, they are so wonderful!

  3. This is amazing. Love the texture and colors. Great message too!

  4. I like how the texture paste picked up the colours. I've heard of Brusho but have never tried them! Fantastic page - I love all that texture!

  5. Hey Susan!! I love your blues and embossing. Your art journal page is so pretty. I will try and create some stuff today.

  6. It's funny that you refer to this as a messy page, because it reached out and grabbed me from my first glance. I love the colors and texture, I thought you had planned it this way. :) I love the P.U.S.H. reminder too. I needed that. Today has been an especially rough day with my health.