Monday, 4 November 2013

A New Chapter

I've come back from a few days away visiting my Mum with a new optimism and positivity.  This is a chance for a new beginning.  I want to put into practice what I feel God has been saying to me recently - I don't have to waste my time when I'm having to rest to recover from a bout of chronic fatigue.  I can still use this time well.  I may not have energy to 'do' lots of stuff but I can still pray, and prayer is so very crucial.  Prayer changes things because God hears and answers our every prayer - not always in the way we want or expect! but with what is needed.  

Then I got to thinking that I also need to use my time better when I'm well and have more energy and am able to do more.  I don't want to fritter this precious energy away but use it wisely.  So I decided to 'give' God my time.  I will ask Him to show me what are the important things to do and do those.

I'm excited by this new chapter in my life, my new beginning.  Its going to be an adventure!  I really will be walking with Jesus and doing what He wants.

Here's my art journal page:

This is a very simple and quick backround - ink pads stamped direct onto the paper applied with different pressure on each stamp to get a cool effect.  Its also an easy background to write lots on.  I added the stamped ribbon effect to separate each section plus some fancy circles in the non writing sections.  

It may not be New Year's Day, but its definitely a good new beginning!

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