Friday, 8 November 2013

He Hears!

I just love to pray!  I don't know how I would manage without prayer.  There are so many needs for many of my family and friends, so much stuff I can't actually do anything about except take to God and pray.  

There are many words in the bible on prayer but the one most on my heart at the moment is:

Pray constantly
Thess 5: 17 

I feel so much better after praying.  I know God hears and answers my every prayer even though I may have to wait for it.

I was inspired to do this art journal page from an ad of a hot air balloon - I can't remember what it was advertising now!  But I just thought right away - the balloons are like our prayers all rising up to God.

The backround is blue and white acrylics painted with my fingers - messy and so much fun.  Then stamped with a script and circles.  The basket is paper and the lines are drawn in.  The balloons are punched circles some of which I raised on foam pads for depth and I wrote prayers on them.

I love this page and so does my husband, Dominic.  He wants me to frame it and hang it up....but its in my art journal with another favourite page on the other side!

I hope you will be encouraged to pray without ceasing too and imagine your prayers floating up to heaven to be answered by God.

Blessings to  you!


  1. How lovely! I sometimes picture my prayers as a bunch of flowers that I tie a ribbon around and present to God. I know some of them are not as beautiful as flowers and some of them are weightier than balloons, but praise be, He hears them all, even when we have to wait for the answer :)

    1. Yes, I know the feeling of weighty and not very beautiful prayers! But he He hears them all, He is so faithful.

      Thank you for your encouraging comment - you are the first to comment on my new blog :)