Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Grateful Journal 2

Its day 3 on Art Every Day Month and page 2 in my Gratitude journal :)  which I am going to keep this month, the plan being to do a page a day or as near as I can manage.  I thought I'd look at the meaning of gratefulness for this page and looked it up in the thesaurus.  I love some of the expressions for grateful - overflow with gratitude, receive with open arms, praise Heaven.  Overflow!  Open Arms!  Praise Heaven!  All words that speak of brimming and fullness and joy and good feeling.  Isn't that how we all wish to be!  Its how we all CAN be by having a heart that is thankful and never forgets so never takes things for granted.

Here is my page, since it faces my title page I've done it in the same style in autumn colours which I can't stop using at the moment!  Perfect for this month's theme at Art Journal Journey!

I swiped the colours, a simple yellow, orange and red, around with a baby wipe:

and stencilled and stamped:

What am I particularly thankful for today?
For my job which I love and which I can do despite flare ups of chronic fatigue,
For special friends who have been there for me in recent trouble,
For a God who loves me, wants the best for me, walks beside me,
For autumn colours!

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  1. What a perfect page to go with your first Grateful page. Looks like you (and many of us) have much to be thankful for.

  2. Very uplifting! Thanks for joining us again at Art Journal Journey, Valerie

  3. love your pages,love the colors.

    hugs jenny

  4. That is a beautiful page. You really know how to make a background.

  5. Beautiful colours and wonderful stamping ,your journal I sgoing to be a treasure !

  6. what a beautiful page and message!

  7. Such a beautiful page, love the background!