Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Christmas Cards 2

Its day 18 on Art Every Day Month.  I haven't posted every day but I have been making something or other most days.

Here are two more Christmas cards using the same stamp (a freebie from Craft Stamper Dec 2013) as in the card in my previous post.  I like to take a stamp for my Christmas cards and see how many different ways I can use it.  Its fun coming up with different designs from the same stamp, really the number is limitless if you think you can change the colour, shape of the cardblank, embellishments, position, etc, etc.

I stayed with the blue theme inspired by the Country View Challenge this month which is 'the colour blue'.  I love the wintry, snowy feel this gives.  I inked the stamp with VersaColour Icicle which is a 5 shades of blue in one inkpad so you get a lovely shading on the image:

For the second I mounted on inked blue card:

I used different sections of the inkpad to get the different shading on each image:

I'm going to really enjoy making my cards this year!

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  1. Lovely card and color combination!

  2. You are really getting a lot of mileage out of that freebie stamp, Susan. I was really impressed. I especially love the blue color you chose, too. Rather unconventional, but lovely.

  3. Yes, I like the blue. It feels wintry but welcoming.

  4. How nice these are. I like the chilly blue effect, but, as the previous writer notes, the words are welcoming and just what I want to be reminded of.

  5. Lovely cards ! The stamp is beautiful, I buy Craft Stamper sometimes , hope they have a copy left today ! The ink pad sounds great , it's a beautiful colour .