Friday, 13 February 2015

Take Me Deeper Feb wk1 - He Loves Me!

The theme for February for Take Me Deeper at His Kingdom Come is LOVE.  February is connected with St Valentine's Day and love so its an appropriate theme for this month!  However, the love that God has for us is not limited to one day!!!  He loves us with His perfect love all the time.  Unfortunately many people struggle to really feel that God loves them.  They may know it in their minds but can't quite accept it in their hearts.  This is sad really and must grieve Him.  God gave what was dearest to Him, His only Son, to die on our account that we might be saved.  He really does love us :)

So for my journal page I wanted to express the wonder and joy of knowing God's love:

I had to add hearts of course.  These ones were done with texture paste through a stencil and painted when dry:

I started off this page with hymn music but then it went a bit wrong when I scraped off some surplus paint from another project and covered it too much - these things happen!  So I went all over it with texture paste through a bubble stencil - bubbles are celebratory and God's love is definitely something to celebrate!

Finally I added our scripture for the week, a key scripture when we are talking about God's love for us:

I'm going to enjoy the theme this month, not just because I love hearts, but because when I think and talk about God's love it somehow brings a response in my own heart of love, joy and peace.


  1. Wonderful art journal page! And all that texture makes me want to touch!

  2. I like that deep blue and red you chose for your elements and the texture, of course, is awesome!

  3. Really like the cheerfulness of this page Susan.
    Love the colors, all the shapes, and the meaning of God's Love.

  4. I love your bubbles and hearts, but I especially admire the blue paper you wrote your wording on. It can be very challenging to write over paint and I have ruined many markers trying to do so, but printing out on white paper tends to look too stark. I really like your compromise of hand lettering on coloured paper. I might try that myself now. Thanks for the artistic, as well as spiritual inspiration.

  5. Another wonderful page Susan ! The hearts are fabulous and I love all the bubbles of joy around them !