Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Take Me Deeper Feb week 3

This week's theme for Take Me Deeper at His Kingdom Come is to love one another.  We can't love God without having love for one another and this week we were challenged to think about how we show our love.  When we know God loves us it only makes us want to love others.  God's love is a funny thing, you can't think about it, or talk about it, or write about it without a warm feeling welling up inside.  Quite often its accompanied by a smile.  Sometimes its just a look of wonder as we marvel at God's love and are amazed that He can love us so much.  These feelings simply have to spill out and as we return God's love our love also spills out to love the people around us.  How do we show our love?  In many ways, I've listed the first ones that came to mind.  Its about being there for people, putting them first, ready to help them or listen, making them feel you really really care about them.

My page this week was a v quick page and since I had a happy feeling inside I went all bright :).

I can't seem to stop adding texture pasted hearts!

The backround was sponged in the blue and pink and then stencilled over with a little black.

Lets spread a little love today..... make that lots!


  1. This is amazing! Love the colors, textures and words

  2. I will have to look back in your posts and see how you are making all your hears. Love this page and where you went with it.