Friday, 7 February 2014


I was really irritable the other day and I couldn't work out why. Dominic, my husband, said it was because we had a very late night when our son, Patrick, came home and we played a very long game of Scrabble - its a bit of a tradition.  Patrick usually wins but this time, amazingly I just beat him!!!  It was a great game :)

Anyway, the late night wasn't the reason for my irritability.  When I was having my prayer time I realised that I'd been eating very unhealthily.  I don't know why, because ususally I eat pretty sensibly.  But I'd been eating a lot of sweet things that really don't agree with me.  I had a blinding revelation that by eating all this unhealthy stuff I was treating my body like trash.  The Lord showed me this, I think, and TRASH was the word that came to me :( 

This is what I did in my art journal:

This page began with the bright orange down the middle, some left over paint I had scraped there.  I dug out some really old Pebeo volume paints I'd forgotten I had and covered the rest of the page.  I really like the texture:

I added stamping into the volume paint and my home made texture paste through a stencil:

I stamped the title:

God also showed me that when I don't look after my body by eating things I shouldn't and not doing the things I should like exercise, I'm trashing not just my body but the gift of life He has given me. This was a really sobering thought.  How could I do this?  However, the outcome has been good because its made me eat healthily again.  God gives us the grace we need to do things but we do need to be determined ourselves.

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  1. That's right! CONVICT me! I need it! LOL. I feel awful when I eat badly too. You expressed yourself so well! Good luck getting back on track eating right!

  2. another great page~!
    i love the look of your homemade texture paste. is this a secret you will share?


  3. This page is great art journaling. I'm trying to eat better too!

  4. Art is such great therapy isn't it

  5. It's amazing how what we eat affects how we feel. The busyness of your page really brings across that grouchiness of it all :)