Friday, 14 February 2014

Faith or Despair but not both

The quote I usde in my page today was in the Triple the Scraps challenge Scripture Lessons and Lyrics lesson 3 and its just so true.  If you have a heart full of faith, there won't be room for despair. 

I really like how this page turned out.  I wanted to do a green and pink page so brushed acrylic paint around the page but then I scraped the paint with a credit card and got a really fun texture.

I wanted a bit of shimmer so sprayed Cosmic Shimmer Meadow Lush and Rose Pink, but the Rose Pink bottle had a hole in it and I got these ink splats - real accidental ink splats :)

I added an Indigo Blue Script Stamp in black and a Hero Arts circles border in green, plus different size bottle caps in white acrylic.

So there's lots of layers of different type circles:

I typed out faith lots of times, printed and then cut out the hearts:

and outlined in charcoal:

I really liked the different effects of the paint scrapes and splats and spray:

Next time I start worrying about something, I will remind myself of this quote - I will not worry but trust God!

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  1. I love this page and the quote. I know first hand about faith and despair. When I had to have brain surgery people would comment that I didn't even seem worried about it. I told them worrying would not do any good. It was up to God and I had every faith that I would survive....and here I am 13+ years later!

  2. That's a gorgeous background you've created, Susan Carol! And I love the way the hearts get bigger, just as our faith grows as we continue to trust God and not worry.

  3. Those words are so true indeed! I love your journal pages and all your layers, intended and accidental! :) waving hi from the snowy hills of North Carolina ♥

  4. This page is so beautiful! I love the way it looks like the hearts are flying and getting bigger and bigger as our Faith should be growing :) Thanks for the inspiration, Love it!