Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Just Wait

Sometimes faith is all about being patient.  I've written before about praying for a very difficult situation which I personally can do absolutely nothing about.  Its a serious issue with potentially disastrous consequences.  However, the thing that has enabled me to keep my peace - most of the time! - is that I have prayed to God and asked Him for a resolution.  I have felt Him answer that I should not worry because it will be all right.  However, I still have to deal with the situation on the ground as it were and its difficult to keep that faith when those around you are panicking.  But my God is faithful and He has told me not to worry.  Whenever I pray about this at the moment all I hear from God is WAIT, WAIT, WAIT.  Hence my opening sentence: sometimes faith is all about being patient.  The thing is, patience has not been my strong point in the past!  I'm definitely learning it now :)

Here is my art journal page:

I had fun playing in my art journal with paints and stencils and stamps for this page where I started with a paint brayered backround.  I love the texture this gives:

I stencilled the circles and then added the words inside them:


  1. Susan, I love this page on many levels. Firstly I found it interesting the colors you chose to do this in. Red, White and Blue are colors of Liberty and Freedom!! Your peace rests in Him because of your liberty and freedom in Him! I love that all day long! We are who we are as Christians because of His indwelling Spirit in us. That is where we get our liberty and freedom from and then to be able to be at peace with our decisions because of that! If we could just help people to understand those foundational promises!! Secondly, I love your faith in the midst! You are right, it is hard a ground level, and we have the enemy on all sides trying to get our focus OFF of those foundational promises, BUT God!! Our patience (it tries to resurrect in all of us..ha ha) out of obedience to His call on our lives reaps rewards to be sure. I fully believe God honors those who honor Him! You stand strong my friend and even though those decisions still have to be made, He will be there EVERY step of the way, equipping you to make that decision and giving you the grace to stand!! Peace, strength and blessings to you my friend! :))))

  2. I love your art journal page, Susan, the colours and texture are gorgeous and it is really effective. I hope you find your way through your difficult times,
    Lucy x

  3. Fabulous page - it just feels so beautifully calm...I can tell you're listening, hearing and being patient.

  4. I love this Susan! The colors, textures, shapes, etc. and amazing!
    I can really relate to what you were saying about Waiting.

  5. My favourite colour scheme, great words and a fabulous page Susan!