Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Triptych - Quietness, Stillness, Strength

In the midst of the hurly-burly of life with its problems and busyness it's really important to stop and be still.  When we make the time to be quiet and pray we come close to God and find an inner stillness or peace which only comes from knowing Him.  The hurly-burly melts away as in Him we find peace and strength to get done the things we need to do.

I wanted to make my daughter something for her birthday incorporating three words - Quietness, Stillness and Strength - and scriptures.  I was inspired by the challenges at Craft Stamper Take a Stamp and PaperArtsy Deconstruction challenges to make a triptych which seemed the perfect way to include them.

For the deconstruction challenge we had to use something in a way it was totally not designed for and I took some cardboard packaging and made it into my triptych:

I painted the backround and then stamped a Friend definition stamp all over it.  I used the PaperArtsy Jofy 12 stamp set and stamped the grid in the backround and stencilled polka dots in white.  Finally I stamped and painted the flowers and leaves.  Here are the three sections:

This was so much fun to do and I love the scriptures so I may just have to make another one and keep it!

May you find quietness, stillness and strength too. 


  1. oh the possibilities!!!

    I sure do love this post - thank you for sharing your heart with us so many times.
    It is because of you and your blog that I found HKC - so thank you again!!!

  2. I am sure that we can all identify with your 3 chosen words! Your creation is beautiful and I am sure that your daughter will be delighted!

  3. What a lovely triptych - I suspect your daughter your daughter was thrilled to receive it!

  4. Susan,
    Your daughter will love this.

  5. What a lovely project, and great choice of words! I love triptychs, and yours is especially happy! Thanks for your visit my way, and your sweet comment! xx Lynn

  6. This is gorgeous Susan , a lovely gift for your daughter. Love how you get such lovely bold colours ! The scriptures are wonderful , great to have in front of you all the time !

  7. What a gorgeous project ..... beautiful colours and fabulous stamping! Thanks for joining in with the Craft Stamper TIMI Challenge .... good luck! Linda xx

  8. The colours really pop Susan. Great use of packaging! ~Leandra

  9. This is beautiful Susan, I love the shape of it and the colours you have chosen,

    Lucy x