Thursday, 21 August 2014

Struggles become Springboards

In my last post I wrote about struggles and wanting to 'Struggle Well'.  We all go through struggles but its what we do with them that counts and will mean whether our struggles will make or break us.  As a Christian I turn to my God in my struggles.  He provides me with the strength and courage I need to get through whatever the difficult situation is.  I can look back at certain periods in my life and see how God helped me.  In fact at times He wasn't just helping me by giving me strength to endure but by making my life take an unexpected turn out of that difficulty which resulted in great blessing.

With God setbacks are springboards into something better and obstacles can become wonderful opportunities.

Here is my art journal page:

The pinkie backround had been in my art journal for ages - some spare colour from another project which I'd scraped here.  I added stencils in blue, black and white.  I started to do the blue raindrops upside down by mistake but this was a springboard moment!  I added more raindrops the right way up in blue.  Then I added  more all over the page with my white home made texture paste but the 'wrong' way up or should that be down :).

Why were the wrong raindrops a springboard moment?  Because the 'wrong' raindrops' became raindrops bouncing back up - illustrating perfectly how good things often come out of bad! :)

'We know that in all things God works for good with those that love Him,
who are called according to His purpose.'
Rom 8: 28
If you are going through a struggle at this time I pray that you too may be able to receive the strength and help that our amazing God provides.  May it be to you a springboard and an opportunity into something better.

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  1. What a beautiful encouraging piece! Love it!

  2. Lovely page and a beautiful, encouraging thought. I love your attitude and I am a Christian too. It is wonderful how our loving Father makes beauty for ashes and turns our tears upside down. That's what your piece makes me think of - upside down tears. Blessing hugs, Teresa

  3. Really like this Susan. Like the attitude, one I want to stride for.

  4. Lovely encouraging words ! Love the colours on your page and although there are lots of different patterns it all comes across as very peaceful too !

  5. Your journal page is very cool, I'm loving the 3D texture too. I am a bit of a paper nerd so I admire what you have created. Sooo, nice. Inspiring words to remember this week. Thanks for sharing.