Friday, 27 June 2014

God Works

I know that God listens to all our prayer and he answers.  I really do believe that and when I see actual evidence of an answer to prayer, evidence of God working in someone's life, I am always deeply moved, often to tears.  It thrills me to know that God is answering prayer and doing something in someone's life.  It always makes me really grateful that we have a God who cares about every detail in our lives.

This page was inspired by such an occasion:

I started off with a bright yellow backround:

I tore up a card backround which I hadn't used and gessoed over again to tone it down:

then fun with texture paste, stenciling, stamping and journaling in the round:

Today was yet another day when I  had evidence of answered prayer.  The weather forecast was really bad with heavy rain due all day.  It was also the day for the funeral of Doris, an 83 years old friend in my church.  We prayed that we would get a little window of dry weather around the funeral - it would have been so dreary standing in the rain around the grave.  The Lord didn't just keep it dry, He gave us glorious sunshine both at the grave and afterwards when we were having refreshments.

May you find evidence of answered prayer and God working in your life too.

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  1. It's wonderful when we get answers to the big prayers, but in some ways it's even better when those little, seemingly insignificant in the big scheme of things, prayers are answered. Those small grace and mercy moments. A beautiful page to remember by.