Friday, 11 April 2014

Not Big Mountains!

Don't you just love it when problems are cut down to size?  I don't know about you, but if I'm not very careful I can find myself worrying a problem into a huge mountain and getting very anxious.  However, when I start praying about it I start to lean on God and exercise my faith.  Better still, I get reasssurance from God that He is listening and in control.

The other day I was praying for my kids (all grown up now) and asking God for certain things for them.  I'd been getting anxious but I felt God say, "These are not big things to worry about.  In my great scheme of things, in the context of their lives and of eternity, these are NOT BIG MOUNTAINS!"  God is so great.  I felt He really gifted me that day with a little glimpse of how He sees things - He, and only He, has the full picture and He wants what's best for us.

Here's my art journal page:

This is acrylic paint - orange, yellow and a little brown, blobbed on the page and scraped all over with a credit card.

Then red through a stencil and yellow stamped with the rubber on the end of a pencil:

Stamped edging:

And my journaling is the mountain.... now my not big mountains!


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  1. Great background on your page. Did you purposely flip the journaling to make the mountain? Really nice idea.

  2. Your page is just amazing. Message...perfect!

  3. It is beautiful! Is very strong this bold red color!

  4. That is so true! It's so easy to make a big deal out of something that isn't that bad. I love the colours and the depth you've achieved with the layers :)

  5. Love these colours and what you say is so true. I can worry terribly if I don't give my problems to God. Bless you x