Thursday, 12 December 2013

Free to be ME

I've been a Christian for about 25 years and its been a really interesting journey!  I can safely say I am not the person now I was 25 years ago and that's not just due to the colour of my hair now  (reddy brown covering silvery grey and brown mix :) .   I much prefer the person I am today.  As Christians we are meant to surrender our lives to the Lord and to live His way.  I've come to realise that there is freedom in living in surrender - freedom to be who God intended ME to be and NOT who I think I should be; freedom to do what God wants me to do which is always good and NOT what I think I should do which isn't always good.

This is the page I did when I was thinking about this:

I stenciled the flowers and bird in bright colours to be coming out of a broken down wall - being free!  I love birds so here's a closer peek:

The more art journaling I do, the more I love it.  Its just such a good way to play with paint and colour and express what's going on in our true hearts.


  1. It's wonderful when a page comes together with heart felt feelings like this

  2. I'm with you on this. My art journalling is definitely helping me to work out who God made me to be. It's a lifelong journey of change.